The fifth Qingdao International Stone Fair, with deep love and dedication in July

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Meet new stone feast, creat wealth

-- the fifth Qingdao International Stone Fair, with deep love and dedication in July

The fifth Qingdao International Stone Fair will be grandly opened in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center in July 14, 2011. In support of Qingdao municipal government, China Stone Association, Shandong Stone Industry Association and stone industry, the fifth Qingdao International Stone Fair will be more professional, more and more efficient operation and organization, to build the first North Stone Exhibition, to create a new pattern of "South Xiamen, North Qingdao" Chinese stone exhibition!

Qingdao international exhibition since 2010 August start date, a great progress has been made in the promotion, fluttering, investment, supporting activities and so on, excellent exhibition effect and huge development potential has attracted many attention and participation of stone enterprises. In more than 1000 kinds of stones from the international and domestic voices, the July Qingdao will be the charm of stone industry wealth feast.

Carefully build, specifications climb a new high

Qingdao International Stone Fair adhere to create a more high-quality professional and international stone exhibition. In the continuous efforts and dedication, the exhibition has been the strong support of Xiamen Wanli Stone, Qingdao stone, Qingdao stone stone industry, Qin long run, Shandong Xinfeng stone, beautiful stone, Cambrian stone, Jin Machinery, packaging machinery, high Xiamen Machinery, Weisheng machinery and many other well-known stone material enterprises and participation. The famous stone enterprises from all over the country will focus on the exhibition, and share more than 30000 professional audiences, including more than 600 overseas buyers, more than 500 import and export trading companies and nearly 300 real estate enterprises.

At the same time, the exhibition hall of Turkey international stone collection of Ugur Mermer, Makro Mermer, Ozer Mermer, Halic Mermer, India Stones, Pakistan Adam RSG Stone Group, Marm Group-Lebanon from Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Italy, Japan, Zambia, Armenia and other countries more than 300 famous stone species. For the majority of professional audiences, buyers to provide more yuan, more international industry feast, together to create a great industry exchanges, development, cooperation value of wealth platform.

Targeted, activities sought after

"2011 real estate enterprises docking of supply and demand will invite 20 exhibitors representatives and 50 have clear intent to purchase real estate companies responsible for the procurement, 20 trading companies jointly responsible participants, face dialogue, precise docking, guarantee the exhibitors of products in the market at the same time landing, to maximize reduce procurement costs of real estate enterprises.

"Northern China stone show" will be exhibitors, professional audience, physical panoramic display of all kinds of stone products in northern China, let you know more about stone. At the same time, it also provides a comprehensive display stage for the outstanding stone products in the north, and interprets the unique materials of the northern stone samples in a more direct way, so as to find a broader space for the development of the northern stone varieties.

"2011 Chinese stone market exchange conference" will be around the stone market in view of the current hot construction, market investment hot trend, concentrated around the stone market, the problems existing in the development of stone enterprises most concerned issues, invited the famous stone market operators at home and abroad, the market management expert with the exchange of domestic and foreign innovation experience, focus on to promote the stone market operation toward specialization, standardization direction development.

China Stone Association, Shandong stone association leaders, international and domestic exhibitors representatives, large stone enterprises core leadership will participate in the "fifth Qingdao international stone show appreciation dinner" and Chinese and foreign stone enterprise exchange meeting". It provides friendly, close and pragmatic exchanges and negotiation opportunities for domestic exhibitors, and creates a professional platform for cooperation, trade and development of stone enterprises at home, abroad and South and North in china.

At every step, show more effective

Purchaser agreement invitation: after each exhibitor signed the exhibition agreement, the purchasing department is based on the demand of exhibitors to carry out the one to one, targeted audience and buyers invitation. After signing the purchase intention letter with the buyer, we will provide free accommodation for the buyers during the 2011 exhibition to ensure the accuracy and meeting rate.

In the construction of tissue engineering procurement in July: seize the opportunity, make full use of the competent departments of construction of regional support and organization, the Qingdao international exhibition will focus on inviting local and surrounding a clear intent to purchase real estate, in the construction of purchasers.

Miles: promotion in the promotion of the work carried out on a second tier city, coastal inland demand of the city, especially to visit the local large and medium-sized real estate enterprises, building design units, distributors, face-to-face invite professional audience and buyers to communicate when purchasing.

Investment operation: Qingdao International Stone Exhibition merchants Electronics Exhibition issued no less than 50000 copies, contacted at least 10000 to visit and purchase for the purpose of stone related enterprises. Including more than 300 real estate developers, construction companies, more than 100 well-known domestic architectural design institute, more than 500 of imported stones, international cooperation in trade has a clear intention of stone enterprises, distributors and so on.

Qingdao International Stone Exhibition believes that doing will be like a person, the effect is the life of the exhibition. Continuous efforts and investment are not only responsible for the benefit of exhibitors and professional audiences, but also the direct embodiment of the exhibition's determination to be bigger and stronger.

At the beginning of the "12th Five-Year plan", Shandong Peninsula ushered in the "Blue Ocean Economic Zone" development strategy, Qingdao will organize and implement a total investment of 600 billion yuan, nearly 300 major projects involved in the construction of sea, which also brings huge business opportunities to the stone industry in Shandong. Qingdao international stone exhibition will always uphold the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of exhibitors, and constantly integrate the advantages of various resources, and strive to make Shandong stone industry bigger and stronger, to create a professional, convenient, efficient promotion, display, sales platform. The maximum guarantee exhibitors satisfaction and return, professional audience, professional buyers with.

Passion July, the fifth Qingdao International Stone Exhibition and your feeling to meet, go to the stone industry higher quality wealth feast!