Nanan to improve the access threshold of stone processing industry

Time:2017-11-16 10:08From:Ziyun&Yaobang Stone CO .LTDViews:793

As the main stone production base, Nanan has increased the access threshold of stone processing industry. After the project is put into operation 1st anniversary, the output value should be more than 1 million yuan per mu.

It is reported that the city of Nanan recently on the official Town, Shijing water town, the coastal town of three developed a new stone industry access conditions. The new (including capital expansion project) stone production, stone machinery, stone logistics projects must comply with the national industrial policy and the township planning requirements, focusing on the development of stone technology, stone recycling economy project. Other enterprises may not be changed into stone production projects in disguised form. In addition, the government, town, town, Shijing must be high standard planning and construction of stone processing concentrated areas. In the future, three new stone project in principle must be settled in stone processing zone, zone no longer arrange stone project land and projects.

Specifically, the three industry threshold is slightly different. Shuitou Town new stone project total investment in 50 million yuan, the official Town, Shijing Town, the new stone project total investment in 40 million yuan; additional land expansion and rebuilding of stone production, craft stone and stone circular economy projects with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan in. At the same time, the factory area must plan and build standardized workshops according to the principle of "intensive, efficient, ecological and environmental protection", do a good job of greening and beautifying work; the rate of green space of enterprises must reach 20%; if the planting trees are planted in the factory area, the green space rate can be calculated according to the DBH of trees.

In addition, the development of circular economy has a clear requirement. Stone processing, Shuitou Town, Shijing Town, new town planning and construction of the zone must be set aside more than 10% land use scale, for the comprehensive utilization project of crushed stone stone industry development, and at the same time, the planning and construction of the landfill, were collected and treated crushed stone on stone processing enterprises in the region. The existing stone enterprise concentrated area should also plan the comprehensive utilization project of crushed stone and stone powder.