Clean the stone surface every time the bathroom is used

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Stone cleaning according to 4 specific circumstances, namely the specific stone, the specific use of the environment, specific sources of pollution, the specific cleaning agent. If we do not understand the specific situation and blindly choose cleaning agent will cause stone damage, deterioration, yellowing, pan black and other consequences. Therefore, the stone cleaning requires professional knowledge, special tools and necessary tests. Specific to the bathroom stone, after use, use a dry towel or rubber roller to wipe the wall of the bathroom again. Because the water left on the wall after the shower will leave watermarks and deposits on the stone.

Daily cleaning can be used in the market of neutral marble cleaning agent, the main ingredients are hydroxyethyl cellulose, silicate and flavoring agents. You know, even with a slightly acidic cleaning agent, will to chronic erosion on the marble surface, long-term exposure will destroy the stone surface of the organization, will erode the stone surface is serious; slight will undermine the smooth stone surface; latent stone will be stored in the hole, slowly oxidized into crystal.

After the crystal is slowly expanding, days and months multiplying, the organization launched the surface and burst, for example: the use of cleaner hydrochloric acid, malic acid and acid wax water, are corrosion principle, together with the thin surface besmirch clear together, damage depth (determined by the cleaning agent, pH), surface results can make the stone become very fragile.

If there is a stain on the surface, it is recommended to use liquid drugs, preferably two component enzyme detergent. It can penetrate the stone bottom, and dirt and dust filter to the surface. Enzymes are especially effective for plant stains. This kind of cleaning agent can be purchased from the high quality stone cleaning agent products.

If this method is not effective, it is recommended that the solution of the enzyme detergent be mixed with the detergent powder until a viscous paste similar to peanut butter is formed. Apply a mixture of ointment to the contaminated area and cover it with plastic film, surrounded by adhesive tape. Keep the reaction time between 24 and 72 hours, and then scrape the dry ointment with a small bamboo board.

If necessary, do it again. Once the pollution be removed, with the penetration of protective agent to protect the stone, to avoid being polluted again.